Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TEXTURE: Wicker Chair

The close-up of this wicker chair is of the same textured look on this Rodarte dress with streaming horizontal lines.

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TEXTURE: Cupcake Icing

The texture of this sleek, shiny, crinkled wrap dress is the same look of icing draped on a cupcake.

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TEXTURE: Fish Scales

The metallic nature of this pant suit evokes different dimensions of color, much like the texture of fish scales.

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TEXTURE: Fringed Curtains

The fringed detailing on the sleeves and bodice of this Jen Kao gown is of the texture and placement as the elaborate curtains.

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TEXTURE: Leather Chair

The smooth and slick texture of this leather jacket is almost identical to that of the corresponding leather chair.

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TEXTURE: Cabbage

The fluffy and elaborately layered nature of this beautiful gown is the same textured look as a cabbage, with its many layers.

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TEXTURE: Mosaic Tiles

The texture of this mosaic looking skirt has gaps where the embellished attachments don’t meet. This is the same exact idea behind mosaic tiles and their texture.

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